Using YouTube for Online Visibility

Using YouTube for Online Visibility

Using YouTube for Online Visibility can yield quick results. We all know how difficult it is to rank in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Also how hard it is to stand out from the crowd even if you do. How would you like to appear in the SERPs as in the image below, in under an hour from posting the image? Not only is it ranking in the top position in a Google search but also it is the only image on the first page.

Using YouTube for Online Visibility
Using YouTube for Online Visibility

Background to using YouTube for Online Visibility

Although I was using YouTube for Online Visibility for fit20 Hellesdon, it does require more work than is at first apparent. And for it to be useful there is quite a lot more to it than meets the eye. I started on 1st July when fit20 Hellesdon did not have a YouTube Channel set up. The results that you see above were achieved on the 2nd July some 30 hours after starting. The ranking results within YouTube the next day (3rd July) were as follows:-

Using YouTube for Online Visibility
fit20 Hellesdon YouTube Rankings after one day


When using YouTube for Online Visibility it is imperative to set the YouTube Channel up correctly with an optimised profile that looks good. Then each video needs to be described and tagged correctly and I use some software to help me with this. The trick is to use a feature within YouTube called Live Streaming and to use long tail keywords. These will rank quickly, sometimes in a matter of minutes, but more is required to get meaningful results in the SERPs for a range of keywords.


I wrote a book called Local Search Optimisation and I keep up to date with changes in that specialist area. It deals with how businesses can be found even if they don't have a website so most of the work involved is "off-site" (not done on the website itself). I think having a website is increasingly important but not for ranking purposes. It is much more effective to improve your ranking using off-site techniques.

YouTube is an off-site asset that is particularly useful because it is part of Google and it is "visual" which helps you to stand out. But when I work with clients, YouTube is just one of many off-site assets that I set up for them. By focusing on high authority off-site assets I gain the most trust from Google for my clients which is what helps them to found in the SERPs. Their website may not be what people find, but who cares so long as potential customers come across them when they are looking to make a purchase?

Using YouTube for Online Visibility
Ranking on Google after just 10 minutes

Ranking Videos

The ranking examples above were for live streaming, you cannot normally rank an actual video that rapidly. What will affect the ability of your videos to rank will include

  • the way you have set up your channel
  • the way that you have set up your videos
  • the number of views
  • the number of likes
  • the number of shares
  • the number of subscribers
  • the number of "add to favourites"
  • the number of comments
  • the click through rate

Needless to say, it is easier for an established Channel with many subscribers to get a new video ranked than it is for a new Channel. But there are ways of achieving it more rapidly than it would otherwise be but you need to be careful. Some unscrupulous operators try to sell you services that are frowned upon by Google and are more likely to get you penalised.

Holistic Approach

I have a legitimate way to help with the quantitative elements mentioned above but I rarely offer that as a standalone service. I prefer to work with clients to improve their online visibility and credibility across all their channels.

The video above is currently the only video on the fit20 Hellesdon YouTube Channel and I hope, for their sake, that you will watch it all the way through so that they get more views. If you live in Norwich, you may even like to book your free appointment and check them out.

Incidentally, that video was given a brief introduction "Intro" and an "Outro" at the end which is very useful for branding videos that may have been created elsewhere. I used a nifty tool called Invideo for that. Invideo can create complete videos from blog posts, from scripts and images or from video clips. It is very easy for the layman to use.

About MyLocal

At MyLocal we like to work with multi-branch local businesses to improve their online visibility and credibility. We really like sites that are difficult to rank. We are confident that our off-site techniques can solve even the most difficult ranking problems in a relatively short time frame. We do not take short cuts and for those clients that lack the budget it will inevitably take longer to achieve results.

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