We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Local Search Optimisation

The ability to be found when people are looking for a product or service nearby or near a specific place.  This works whether or not you have a website and if you do have a website, it helps people find it even if it does not rank well organically.


Online Reputation Marketing

Online reputation marketing includes online reputation management but goes a step further by publicising your online reputation.  This is done by streaming your best reviews to your website and posting your best reviews to social media.  This can be done manually or automated.


Loyalty Programmes

We help you design loyalty programmes for your best customers and can use modern technology such as digital business cards that sit in the digital wallets of smartphones and tablets, or less advanced techniques like printed loyalty cards.


Customer Database Marketing

We help you design your customer data so that it can be segmented to allow you to produce more targeted communications which results in better engagement and open rates, resulting in more business for you.


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